About our yarn

Mirrormere Alpacas

About our yarn

We do our best to show the true colour of the yarn, with photographs taken in natural light and without adjustment. Additional photos can be taken on request. If the colour isn't quite what you're looking for, please see our returns policy.

Our yarn is gently processed at a local mill. All care is taken in preparing the fleece for processing, but you may find occasional flecks of vegetable matter in the yarn. This can easily be removed as you work. 

The approximate weight and length of each product is listed on the label and the website, as received from the mill. Depending on the processing, there may be slight variation in the yarns between batches.

Most of the yarn for sale is from huacaya alpacas - not blended with anything. 

We will have some yarns that are a blend of suri and huacaya alpaca, although we no longer have suris in the herd so these will be limited. 

Similarly, we will have a limited number of llama fleeces processed, which will be available as 100% llama yarn.