Natural dyes

Mirrormere Alpacas

Natural dyes

Most of the yarn for sale is naturally coloured, although we will have some yarns for sale that are dyed or printed with various plant materials. 

The materials used to dye the yarn will be noted on each listing. A range of materials are used to give beautiful natural colours - eucalyptus, Australian indigo, acacia, ash, ferns and even mushrooms! We'll be experimenting with some other natural dyes as well, such as avocado, madder, logwood and lac.

The materials are used to create a dye bath for the yarn, or the leaves of the plants are wrapped in yarn to give a 'print' of each leaf. When used for knitting or crochet, the printed yarn results in variegated colour through the work.

We heat set the dye, leave to mature and then wash to remove any excess dye before taking photos of the finished product. Yarns should be washed gently, without strong detergents.

Each batch will be a bit different, although we try to replicate colours as much as possible, we would recommend ordering enough for your project so you don't run out part way through!