Mirrormere Alpacas

Naturally dyed alpaca yarn


Image of Naturally dyed alpaca yarn Image of Naturally dyed alpaca yarn Image of Naturally dyed alpaca yarn Image of Naturally dyed alpaca yarn

A range of natural materials have been used to create various colours and shades. There will be some tonal variation throughout the skein - this is intentional and creates subtle changes throughout the item. In some cases there is quite significant variation where the yarn has been both dyed and printed.

These yarns are relatively small batches. Some may be reproduced over time but depending on the time of year and other variations in conditions, the outcome might be a bit different!

Some colours will only be achievable at particular times of year, depending on what is flowering or fruiting.

Both 4ply and 8ply yarns are used, and lopi-style (thick single yarn).

Cinerea - dyed and printed with Eucalyptus cinerea over light fawn alpaca, varies from light to medium shades of orange.
‘Lopi style’ grey alpaca overdyed with cinerea has given a lovely two-tone effect. Fibre dyed in the same bath gave a strong orange but this yarn is more of a bright dark tan. Two slightly different shades - check the photo.
Madder - orange/red tones.
Scribbly Gum bark - pale fawn. Two of the three skeins were modified with rust to give a denim blue grey.
Australian mistletoe - chartreuse yellow turns green with the addition of an iron modifier. A gorgeous colour to combine with greys and whites.
Tea & avocado - pinky tan tones.
Loquat & acacia - mainly yellow with pinkish tones.
Logwood & acacia set - different modifiers give different colours. Set of three - one grey, one caramel brown and one dyed with acacia and then logwood to give yellow and brown.